Yellowstone Wolf Patrol update

Yellowstone Wolf Patrol would like to thank everyone who made our campaign possible. From Patagonia who donated clothing to wolf advocates who donated funds, our hearts are filled with appreciation and it is a great privilege to represent not only you, but most importantly the wolves of the Yellowstone ecosystem.

Jimmy St GoddardWe would especially like to thank James St. Goddard, the spiritual leader of the Blackfeet Confederacy, for his ceremonies and songs of blessing for our warriors in the field. We are honored to have him as our official spiritual adviser and happy to call him our friend.

We would also like to thank National Park Service back country rangers Brian and Kevin who shared intelligence on hunter locations and offered their assistance if there were any emergencies which thankfully, there were not.

Our hearts are hurting to leave our post and see this magical place returned to the domain of people who charge thousands of dollars to kill a wolf. We ask those outfitters and guides to look deep into their hearts and reflect on their love for the land and ask them to extend that affection to include these precious animals who are now just returning to their rightful homeland in North America.

We are leaving. But we shall return. We can proudly say, that while on patrol, no wolves were killed in units 313 and 316 where we were operating. We offer our condolences to our sacred relation, Maaguee (wolf in Blackfeet) whose 3 family members were killed thirty miles north of where we were. We don’t want to leave. But we need to raise funds so we can return when cold weather pushes the Yellowstone elk herds and pursuing wolf families out of the park and back into danger. We will be there to help escort them to safety.

On behalf of nine of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met, Cheokoe Uttesia (thank you in my Yaqui language).

-Rod Coronado