Dear Friends, it’s been a few days now since we left Montana. Everyone who came out with us went above and beyond their expectations, hiking as much as 18 miles in a single day, only to get up at 430am and do it again the following morning. We were received warmly by the National Park Service, and didn’t have angry words with a single hunter or outfitter. Yet, we met our objectives and were within our legal rights to witness this wolf hunt as non-consumptive users of the back country.

Tea TimeWe are excited by the support our campaign received, and can’t wait until we return to Montana. We are planning another patrol in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness for early November, when it is expected that the elk will migrate out of the park, and the wolves follow. We will be posting some of our findings from this first exploratory mission to monitor wolf hunts in the United States, and in just a couple of weeks you will see the launching of Great Lakes Wolf Patrol!

(Photo: This is what it looked like when we did interact with hunters…cuppa tea anyone?)