[Video] Great Lakes Wolf Patrol Update: reporting on findings to the WDNR

We are finalizing our findings report on the monitoring project many of you helped make happen, and expect Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources to have to field some difficult questions from journalists.

Although the hunt is over in Zone 1, we are happy to report that yesterday, after locating an illegal trap set right off the road and near where grouse hunters were walking with their dogs, two days after wolf trapping season ended, the trapper who saw us monitoring his traps pulled them up and high-tailed it out of the area.
Thanks to the generous support of caring wildlife appreciating citizens, wolf trappers in Wisconsin now fear being caught on tape by Wolf Patrol than their enabling sponsors within the WDNR.

This is the first time in wolf recovery history that a citizen’s alliance has taken to the field to hold wolf trappers accountable for their illegal behavior. No more disempowering frustration following the exposure of gruesome wolf hating practices, with your financial support the wolves now have a policing force of their own.

How beautiful it is to know that we are embarrassing the WDNR by doing the job they are entrusted, yet failing miserably to do. Next stop, Zone 3 where we expect hound hunters to release their dogs after wolves on December 1st. If you are able, join us in exposing the legalized dog fights WDNR calls sport.

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