Our letter to the WI Department of Natural Resources

Dear Chief Warden Schaller,

We operate our monitoring efforts under the umbrella name, “Wolf Patrol,” but we are not any one organization. Wolf Patrol is more a tactic we use as a fact-finding method to discern what we believe to be inappropriate and unethical wildlife management practices as they pertain to the recently de-listed gray wolf in the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

We are 100% opposed to Wisconsin’s classification of the gray wolf as a game animal. But, we recognize that our position has to be mitigated with that of many other citizens who view the gray wolf differently; hence, we are striving to influence public policy regarding wolves by educating the public through our fact-finding missions. Wolf Patrol recognizes that there is a public process that necessitates greater participation from citizens, for the development of a better Wolf Management Plan, which we know is currently in the works. That is what we are hoping to contribute towards.

Accompanying this letter is our recent press release which presents some of our findings, and while we understand that Wisconsin’s trapping regulations can be difficult to navigate, we believe some of our evidence, while maybe not proving illegal activity, clearly demonstrates activities which place the public, domestic animals and non-target wildlife at risk.

Great Lakes Wolf Patrol is committed to open dialogue with Wisconsin DNR, and will be returning to monitor the wolf hunt in zones where it remains open. I hope you will not hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions. We remain committed to observing the legal harvest of wolves in Wisconsin from a legal position as hunt monitors without violating W. S. A. 29.083 or any other county, state or federal laws. Thank you for your time and attention to this very serious public matter.

Rod Coronado
Great Lakes Wolf Patrol
October 23rd, 2014