Back to Montana for the Yellowstone wolves

Dear Friends of Yellowstone’s Wolves,

I am happy to report that Yellowstone Wolf Patrol is on the road back to Montana. In September, we were asked by local residents to return to protect the wolves as they followed migrating elk out if the national park. It is now that time, so we are returning. We also take online threats against Yellowstone’s wolves seriously, so we are also planning patrols in areas where wolf haters have said they will kill wolves. If you haven’t supported our efforts yet, please consider doing so now.

On December first, we will also be returning to Wisconsin to document and eventually halt the hound hunting of wolves. The zone where the hound hunting is slated to begin, still has an open quota for 28 wolves. Help us protect theses wolves as well as those outside Yellowstone. I will post an update upon our arrival and re-entry into the Wolf Management Unit’s 313 & 316. Thank you everyone for making it possible for us to return!

– Rod Coronado

2 thoughts on “Back to Montana for the Yellowstone wolves

  1. There are barely a dozen wolves left to “protect” in each zone in Wisconsin … they won’t even need the dogs; it’ll be over long before then. There are very likely FAR more wolves on the landscape than the bare minimum patrols “count” each winter. You are using the wolf as a poster child to fundraise … not a lot different than HSUS.


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