Day 9 Update: Yellowstone Wolf Patrol

Weather in the Yellowstone area is still allowing hunters to pursue elk migrating from the park, so our patrols have remained in effect. No new wolves have been reported killed in patrolled areas, but we are watching areas we strongly believe wolves and hunters might collide.

This morning it was five below zero, with a wind chill of twenty below. We’re not leaving. Elk season is allowing for a larger number of hunters in the migratory corridor for this northern elk herd, and any of them could have a wolf tag in their pocket as well. There is only a “five wolves a day” limit in the area where this hunter shot his elk yesterday.

One thought on “Day 9 Update: Yellowstone Wolf Patrol

  1. Thank you for the grueling and cold work. I am reading everything you write and most appreciative of all your writings. I think having your team in the field keeps people more ethical. I can’t believe they killed a bison which is protected to bait the wolves…Did the Fish and Wildlife say anything about this questionable legality and does Buffalo Campaign know of this killing….? If not, they should file a report re this as they are working hard as well to assist the Buffalo to stay alive as well… Hunting is not an ecological sound practice when these acts are committed.
    Thank you
    Rebecca Vitale Mandich


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