Great Lakes Wolf Patrol Update

Great Lakes Wolf Patrol will be meeting with Wisconsin DNR to discuss upcoming hound hunting of wolves which begins in two weeks. 142 wolves have been reported killed legally since the hunt began a month ago. Last year, 35 wolves were killed in Wisconsin with the aid of dogs. Please help us maintain our presence in the field where we will be documenting the hound hunt for wolves for the world to see. Our campaign will last as long as the hound hunt does.

Currently wolf trapping season in Wisconsin remains open in Zones 3 & 6. In the rest of the state, its coyote trapping season with similar traps and baits used. The DNR is asking coyote trappers who accidentally catch a wolf (like the trapper in the video below) to notify the DNR so they may consider radio collaring the animals. Wolves in Wisconsin face another challenge next week on November 22nd, when the state’s annual 9 day deer season begins, flooding the woods with hunters, many also with a wolf tag in their pocket.

One thought on “Great Lakes Wolf Patrol Update

  1. Wow. What a magnificent, powerful animal. So much like a dog. Glad to see him released! To think of them being abused by the less than honorable sickens me.


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