Day 3 Update: Hounding Hunting Season in Wisconsin


Wolf hunter / hound truck

Just left four wolf hound hunters talking to the local sheriff, after they spoke to us. Hound hunters filed a harassment complaint after we refused to leave their trail, despite their best efforts to lose us. They continued to run their hounds through the Polk County Forest. We informed the sheriff that we have no intention to break any laws, and that the DNR has been informed of our monitoring project, and that we were within our rights.

I then contacted my DNR law enforcement contact and informed him that we would be continuing with our monitoring of the wolf hunt and would be reporting any illegal activity that we document. DNR Warden thanked me for keeping him informed. We will remain in Zone 3 until the hunt officially closes.

Another wolf was reported killed, bringing the statewide quota up to 147, three shy of being filled. We also documented a possible illegal deer kill that we are first going to confer with DNR before publicizing.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 Update: Hounding Hunting Season in Wisconsin

  1. Thank you for your work
    I can’t believe they DNR doesn’t do this for Wisconsin
    How about no wolves killed at all!
    So 3 more have to die before they stop their clearing of the earth.
    Shameful human wastefulness.
    Our attitudes need to change really fast … This is a huge mistake being allowed to kill these amazing apex predators so necessary to the ecosystem
    Keep it up we support your work.


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