Federal court decision relists gray wolves in western Great Lakes region as endangered species

December 19, 2014

From the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Newsroom:

MADISON – In response to a lawsuit brought against the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia has vacated a 2012 decision, which delisted wolves as an endangered species.
This decision returns wolves in the Great Lakes Region, including Wisconsin, to the Federal Endangered Species List.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Department of Justice legal staff are reviewing the decision to determine how it will impact Wisconsin’s wolf management program. Further information will be available following this review.
Immediate implications of this ruling include the following:
Permits which allow lethal removal of wolves issued to landowners experiencing wolf conflicts are no longer valid. The department will contact permit holders to alert them.
The department is not authorized to use lethal control as part of its conflict management program. Non-lethal tools and depredation compensation remain available. Those experiencing conflicts with wolves should contact the United States Department of Agriculture – Wildlife Service for conflict investigation and management assistance. USDA Wildlife Services can be reached at 800-228-1368 in northern Wisconsin or 800-433-0663 in southern Wisconsin.
Wisconsin’s law allowing landowners or occupants of the land to shoot wolves that are in the act of depredating domestic animals on private property is no longer in force. Landowners may not kill wolves in the act of attacking domestic animals.
Under Federal Law, you cannot use dogs to track and train on wolves.
Wisconsin is not authorized to implement a wolf harvest season.
While the department is disappointed by this decision, we will continue to support USFWS and their original decision to delist and remain confident in the State of Wisconsin’s ability to manage our wolf population.

2 thoughts on “Federal court decision relists gray wolves in western Great Lakes region as endangered species

  1. please please help us. The government is “managing” our wolves into extinction. I was there for the release of the wolves in Yellowstone. Never thought we’d have to fight this battle again. I’m older but still committed to seeing the wolves re listed and protected by law. I am in upstate New York. Wolves are entering the Adirondacks from Ontario. I know we will be on the front lines soon. Please let me know what I can do.


  2. This is a game changing decision, and all wolf huggers in the area especially where these hounders are an every day site with their ratty pick up trucks with multiple cages with bars on the front are seen need to step up their reporting and recording and any encounters that are seen that are in violation of the endangered species ruling. It is up to US to make sure the DNR does their job, and these SSS advocates are not allowed to follow their usual practices.


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