Wolf Patrol Finds Bear Bait Site – Douglas County, WI 7/7/2015

Wolf Patrol is currently monitoring the annual July training of bear hounds in northern Wisconsin. This is when many hunting dogs are killed by wolves, who are defending family groups and bear baiting sites, where it is legal to pile food in public forest to attract bears for hunters to kill, beginning in September.

Wolf Patrol is asking Wisconsin DNR to change the dates of bear baiting to avoid habituation of wolves to the area which they defend as a food source. Last year, over 20 hunting hounds were killed in northern Wisconsin.


5 thoughts on “Wolf Patrol Finds Bear Bait Site – Douglas County, WI 7/7/2015

  1. Question: I’ve often read that bears are baited with sweet, oily, junk food. Does that type of bait attract wolves as well as bears; or is meat bait sometimes used at these summer bait sites that are used to train bear hounds?


  2. Wisconsin is a disgusting state to allow this kind of atrocity to happen and to rob the esf, wolf patrol is a great org and i will contribute what i can to help you to continue..


  3. One way to end the genocide of wild animals is through educating the children to give them the outlook of native Americans towards animals. I hope you continue your work and that everyone reading this site find a way to educate children about animals. I am thinking about using my farm for a childrens’ farm, where kids come to garden but also learn about wildlife.

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  4. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the public. I don’t know what to say about hound hunters bringing their dogs into direct conflict with wolves, baiting wolves and bears, and then getting reimbursed from the Endangered Species fund. It’s terrible misuse of funds, corrupt and vicious towards animals.

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