Wolf Patrol members facing hunter harassment charges

Dear Wolf Patrol Supporters,
Myself and two other crew members are facing charges of hunter harassment, which we welcome as an opportunity to demonstrate that what Wolf Patrol does is not illegal. We have been in Polk County, Wisconsin documenting the training of hounds for bear hunting, with the full knowledge of the Department of Natural Resources.

In what appears to be an attempt by Polk County officials to dissuade us from monitoring hunting practices on public lands, we have been told that we could not follow and film bear hunters. We were told that we would be charged with hunter harassment, and deputies would be writing us misdemeanor citations. Sheriff’s deputies then told us their computers were down. Then they said they couldn’t find the statute, and asked us to come to the Polk County Clerk’s Office tomorrow, but otherwise we were free to go.

We have no intention of ceasing our patrols as long as we haven’t been charged with anything. But we need your help! Please kick down a few bucks if you can so we can give the wolves of Wisconsin their day in court and return their protectors to the field (PayPal donations: http://tinyurl.com/kp5x25y). Otherwise, we are OK and in high spirits after finding HUGE wolf prints accompanied by puppy prints! Video of the encounter with bear hunters and Sheriff’s deputies coming!