Bear Baiting in Chequamegon National Forest

One of dozens of bear baiting sites located throughout the Chequamegon National Forest. Wolf Patrol has documented numerous other species besides black bears visiting these sites. It’s our belief that the practice of bear baiting habituates native wildlife, including gray wolves, to alter their behavior to suit bear hunters. This is the first of a series of short videos we will be publishing.

One thought on “Bear Baiting in Chequamegon National Forest

  1. Since the DNR has been cut to the bone by the current administration, they are not able to be in the field to monitor exactly what IS going on in terms of training baiting and hunting bear, and previously wolf. The Wolf Patrol provides a service to those of us that give a crappolla about what happens to our Gray wolves and our bear. They are NOT breaking the law as observers, documenters etc. But they are making the hounders nervous because of their open statements that have been seen all over fb about “Shoot, shovel and shut up”. If they DO this and are in violation, NO DNR presence to prosecute, nor fine these violators. We NEED the WOLF Patrol.


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