How Sheep Change Rivers

Each Summer thousands of sheep are released to freely graze public lands in wolf territory within the Sawtooth National Forest. This Summer, USDA’s Wildlife Services’ predator control activities virtually wiped out the entire Red Warrior pack which was blamed for killing two sheep and one cow calf, all with taxpayer funding so ranchers can graze their livestock on public lands. This video illustrates what the US Forest Service allows on our public lands, creating a situation where wildlife such as wolves are blamed for any livestock loss. Wild lands Defense and Wolf Patrol are opposed to the grazing of livestock on public lands.

3 thoughts on “How Sheep Change Rivers

  1. Why are sheep in our national forests? The free lunch for cattle and sheep at taxpayer and the native wildlife’s expense needs to end. So does Wildlife Services and the BLM. The Western states don’t produce enough beef or wool to justify the cost in terms of dollars and (common) sense and slaughtered wolves.


  2. Rod,

    This is a GREAT piece! I’m so so glad you’ve teamed up with Natalie. She is *awesome* and I love and respect here dearly. We are building it. It’s happening. This is so good. Had such a wonderful time w/ you and our radical crew at the conference. Looking forward to so much more!

    Buffalove, ~Stephany

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