VIDEO: How to find a foothold trap

Wolf Patrol have been in Idaho recently and we want to show concerned citizens what they need to watch out for during trapping season. Many people go hiking with their pets, and you need to know what to look out for so that your pet does not get trapped and injured by one of these devices. Check out our new video that shows you how to find leg hold traps.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to find a foothold trap

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  2. Actually, I think the Idaho Fish & Game video (what I cynically call “How to Release Your Stuffed Animal from a Trap”) is a joke. I can appreciate that one cannot demonstrate release from a trap with a live animal, but releasing my 100+ lb. frantic and terrified dog from a trap would be entirely different than releasing a 5 lb. non-struggling stuffed animal. How about prohibiting the torture that is trapping? For those of us who object to the viciousness and brutality of trapping pets AND wild animals, some cheesy video posted by Idaho Fish & Game doesn’t even begin to salve the wound. And how about snares and Conibear traps, which are both legal in Idaho? Oh, wait. Traps and snares have to be 5′ or more from the center of a trail, so I guess I should stop worrying. Thanks to Idaho Fish & Game for such enlightened policies that protect the general public and pets.


  3. I found several rusty old traps similar to this trap in the video around the edges of an old pond that we were cleaning out with a backhoe. I was wondering if there is any trick to finding traps actually in water.
    I suppose I can just take a rake and rake around the edge of the water.


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