April 15: Bear Baiting Begins for 145 Days on Wisconsin Public Lands

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According to a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources survey in 2014, black bears were intentionally fed over 4 million gallons of bait at 82,340 bait sites in northern Wisconsin. Many of these bear baits are on public lands, such as the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, where wolves also become habituated to recognizing baits as a food source. Last year, wolves killed nine bear hunting hounds in one small area of the CNNF, where Wolf Patrol documented over 26 active bear baiting locations. Last fall in Grantsburg, Wisconsin bears accustomed to intentional feeding posed a human safety hazard as well. Bear baiting is illegal in 40 states, and in none of the other five states that allow it, is the baiting season as long as that in Wisconsin, where it creates conflict with wolves who are traveling with young pups to rendezvous sites. It’s time to follow the lead in United States Forest Service & National Park Service policy and tell Wisconsin: