Wisconsin’s War on Wildlife Video 004: Teaching the Children

Here’s another video from Merrill, Wisconsin hound hunter, Nicholas Valenta documenting the cruel practice of coyote hunting with hounds. This video depicts multiple dogs tearing into a wounded coyote, a practice many hound hunters allow as a way to develop bloodlust in hunting dogs. Wolf Patrol is sharing these videos in our effort to educate the public about the inherent cruelty and animal abuse that occurs in Wisconsin on public lands, under the guise of hunting. It is our hope that anyone in violation of Wisconsin’s hunting regulations and animal cruelty laws will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

On March 2, 2018 a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Chief Conservation Officer contacted Wolf Patrol to inform us that a criminal investigation was being launched into the animal abuse we have shared so far this week. We will continue to provide law enforcement officers with more evidence.

3.3.18 UPDATE III.png

Wisconsin hounder encouraging hound to maul live coyote.

On February 26th, five elected Wisconsin legislators called on the DNR to sever its working relationship with Wolf Patrol, citing what they claim to be continued harassment of hunters by Wolf Patrol. Politicians like Adam Jarchow and Tom Tiffany would like videos like these hidden from your view, and that is why they are passing unconstitutional legislation prohibiting citizen’s from documenting Wisconsin’s legal and illegal hunting activities.

3.3.18 UPDATE 4

Yet, in our conversation with DNR’s Chief conservation officer for northern Wisconsin this week, Wolf Patrol was informed that DNR does not support claims by Laona, Wisconsin hound hunters that Wolf Patrol was in violation of any laws when they encountered a coyote hunting party on January 27, 2018, and would not be recommending that charges be brought against us by the Forest County District Attorney.

Wolf Patrol will continue to exercise our constitutionally protected right to expose illegal hunting and animal abuse on public lands, but often we don’t have to go into the field to find it, as many hound hunters are proud of their illegal activities and freely share these videos on social media.