Wisconsin’s War on Wildlife 006: Hound Hunters Torment Wounded Bear

By now you should know the name Nicholas Valenta. He epitomizes what is wrong with hound hunting in Wisconsin. We hope the DNR has enough evidence to charge him with animal cruelty, but in case they don’t, we will provide more.

It’s not only coyotes that are being tortured by hound hunters. In this video, Nicholas Valenta repeatedly instructs the shooter not to kill the already wounded black bear, so his hounds can get at the poor animal. Valenta can be heard saying, “We’ll get the dogs in, they’ll take care of her…” At the end of the video you can clearly see the wounded bear dragging her hindquarters. This is the kind of “hunting” the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association is successfully legislating in support of.

In a recent letter from WBHA, President Carl Schoettel says Wolf Patrol are “eco-terrorists” but we ask you to be the judge: Are the real eco-terrorists those using packs of bloodthirsty hounds to run down and torture coyotes, bears and other wildlife? Or those documenting the abuse and calling for it to end?

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 6.53.23 PM

From Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association website.

And its not only coyotes, bobcats and bears the WBHA’s members want to kill with their dogs, but wolves as well. Wisconsin is the only state in the nation where it is legal to hunt wolves with hounds when they are not federally protected, as they have been since 2014. In another recent political move, WBHA is calling on legislators to rescind federal protections for wolves in Wisconsin so they can be hunted with hounds again.

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Its time to end Wisconsin’s war on wildlife, also known as hound hunting. If you agree, don’t send us your money, get involved. If a resident of Wisconsin, call your elected officials and share with them the videos we are providing. Write letters to the editor for your local paper, attend the DNR’s April Conservation Congress meetings or grab a camera and find out what is happening on public lands near you. The Wisconsin’s Bear Hunters Association and people like Nicholas Valenta have the NRA and many elected officials on their side, but the wildlife of Wisconsin only has you and me. Its time to act!


Another victim of Valenta’s sadism.