Wisconsin Hound Hunters Form Armed Vigilante Group to Disrupt Wolf Patrol



A member of Wolf Pack’s Facebook profile picture from 2017.

In response to Wolf Patrol’s successful expose of illegal hound hunting practices in northern Wisconsin, hound hunters have organized a vigilante group whose mission statement is to, “oppose the Wolf Patrol, and support the hunting community in all aspects. We need to start following these guys around, documenting them, filming them, and disturbing them ( legally) as they do hunters.” according to the group’s Facebook page administrator, Justin Hauser.

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Wolf Pack Facebook page March 9, 2018.

The new group, called “Wolf Pack” is filled with many hound hunters from Forest County, Wisconsin, where Wolf Patrol had an angry altercation with a coyote hunting party on January 27, 2018 outside of Laona, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has cleared Wolf Patrol of any legal wrongdoing in the incident, but the Forest County District Attorney has yet to decide whether it will press any charges against either Wolf Patrol or the coyote hunters who illegally detained and assaulted Wolf Patrol’s members as they witnessed a coyote hunt from a public road.

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Wolf Pack Facebook administrator Justin Hauser.

A simple search of the active hunting members of Wolf Pack on social media easily revealed photos of the kinds of illegal activity that has already resulted in a criminal investigation into hound hunting of coyotes in Forest County and other areas of northern Wisconsin.


Wolf Pack member Corey Hiller’s hounds tearing into a bobcat chased into a frozen Wisconsin river 2017.

Wolf Patrol is not opposed to any individuals right to observe our own or anyone’s activities on public lands, something that is guaranteed to everyone in the U.S. Constitution, but what we are opposed to, are illegal hunters organizing to defend their unlawful practices committed against public trust wildlife on our public lands. Wolf Pack is not a group whose members can be trusted to know the difference between what is legal and illegal, as has been proven when some of its members have insisted to Wolf Patrol that it was illegal to photograph hound hunters in Wisconsin. Something that the newly passed Right to Hunt Act, has mistakenly led them to believe.

felon & AR activist

Wolf Pack’s posts aren’t implying that its members will be writing letters, more the intent of the group is to disrupt, harass and intimidate the lawful activities of Wolf Patrol, a legal organization that has uncovered numerous illegal hunting practices in northern Wisconsin that are currently being investigated by state law enforcement officers according to Todd Schiller, Chief Warden of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources.


A Wolf Pack member’s Facebook cover photo.

Posts on the group’s Facebook page indicate that the group is fomenting anger and violence, with words used to describe Wolf Patrol members as “terrorist scum” and “maggots.” Wolf Pack has posted false allegations that Wolf Patrol members are sex offenders, and a 2014 Ammoland-Shooting Sports News article about the group’s founder, Rod Coronado who served four years in prison for a string of arsons against animal research laboratories, something that Coronado has never denied.


Wisconsin hunters concerned about the future of hound hunting on public lands in the state shouldn’t be organizing armed militia’s to protect the illegal cruelty in their sport, they should be working with DNR conservation officers to turn in those members they know engage in illegal activities that will cost all hound hunters their beloved pastime. Promoting an atmosphere of hatred will only lead to violence, and Wolf Patrol is committed to ending such attitudes practiced by unethical sportsmen against people as well as wolves, coyotes and other animals on our public lands.