Attention Ex-Wives & Girlfriends of Wisconsin Hound Hunters! Wolf Patrol will pay $1000 for Videos of Your Ex’s Hunting Violations!

In February 2018, Wolf Patrol began a campaign targeting Wisconsin hound hunters whose own videos published on Facebook depict graphic and illegal animal cruelty, which has led to a Department of Natural Resources criminal investigation. We are now soliciting the public for other video and photographic evidence of animal cruelty committed against Wisconsin’s wildlife over the last three years.

Wolf Patrol will pay $1,000 for any video or photograph depicting Wisconsin hound hunters engaged in illegal activity, such as allowing hounds to maul and kill coyotes, raccoons and other wildlife. If the video or photos you provide result in a criminal conviction, you will then receive your $1,000. Only videos not previously reported will receive a reward and you may remain anonymous.

Wolf Patrol is not an anti-hunting organization, but we are opposed to the animal cruelty committed by some hunters using hounds to hunt coyotes, raccoons and other wildlife. Allowing hunting dogs to maim, injure or kill animals is illegal and should be reported by any ethical hunter or citizen. We don’t care who you are, if you have evidence of someone using their hunting dogs in Wisconsin in an illegal fashion, we will pay you $1000 for the evidence when it results in any citation or criminal charge.


Jason Armbruster’s own Facebook posts in 2017 led authorities to charge him with ten felony counts for animal cruelty and fighting.

To make a claim, please contact Wolf Patrol:

On Facebook: Wolf Patrol

This reward program is not endorsed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources or its affiliated agents or other law enforcement agencies.