Chasing Bears & Hounds Across Highways is All a Part of Bear Hunting in Wisconsin…

Since this year’s training season began on July 1st, Wolf Patrol has seen hounders parked on Interstate 70 daily. In addition to the danger associated with running hounds through active wolf territory, bear hunters in Forest County also place bears, dogs and motorists at risk by allowing their dogs to chase bears across highways.

Anywhere else in the country, public land managers and wildlife officials would recognize the inherent risks associated with the intentional feeding bears, allowing unregulated hound training during peak wolf activity and hunting from busy highways.

But in Wisconsin, its all a part of the heritage of bear hunting and is continuing, despite the increase in conflicts its creating between bear hounds and federally protected gray wolves. Unlimited bear baiting, running hounds through summer wolf rendezvous sites, and chasing bears across highways should not be practices that are allowed in our national forests, where they place others also at risk.

Join Wolf Patrol in calling for an end to these practices in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and everywhere it causes conflicts between humans and wildlife!