Wisconsin Bear Hunters Hall of Shame: JEFF BAEHMAN

Nothing in this video is illegal. This is what bear hunting with hounds looks like in Wisconsin, brought to you by the proud hunter’s themselves who share these kinds of kill videos on social media.

Jeff Baehman is a licensed hound hunter and proud promoter of wolf poaching, who regularly hunts on public lands in northern Wisconsin. In other videos published on Facebook by Baehman, he proudly posts of how his hounds harassed one bear during the training season two years ago, “Dogs played with this dandy this morning 5 1/2 hours!!!” In other videos, Baehman’s hounds fight with a bear in a cornfield and corner a young cub in a hollow stump.

These are the kinds of hound hunting practices Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources does not want you to see. That is why on September 3, 2018 WDNR published its own video on Facebook, showing a much more sanitized view of bear hound training in Wisconsin. The DNR video can be viewed at:


If you’d like to see more Wisconsin hound hunting abuses on our national forest lands, visit Wolf Patrol’s channels on YouTube and on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/wolfpatrol

More importantly, if you believe its time to end the practices of bear baiting, bear hound training & hunting in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, where most of these videos were filmed, please send your email to US Forest Service officials at: