House of Representatives to Vote on Wolf Delisting Friday…CALL YOUR REP NOW!!!


Wisconsin hound hunters, Forest County 2013.

In their desperate attempt to satisfy the trophy hunting lobby, the full House of Representatives will vote this Friday on whether federal protections for gray wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan should be stripped. If the vote succeeds, it would mean a return to Wisconsin’s hound hunt for wolves, as well as trapping season, and a firearms season that would coincide with deer season.


It is imperative that every wolf ally in the Great Lakes states call their local representatives and politely request that they vote no on HR 6784, the federal delisting of gray wolves. To find out who your representative is, visit the link below:

Here is all you have to say:

“My name is (your name) and I am a voting constituent in (your hometown). I am calling to let Representative (Your Rep) know that I am strongly opposed to the Congressional delisting of wolves, and to urge (him/her) to vote NO on H.R. 6784. Thank you.”


Wisconsin trophy hunters 2013.

twitter3[1]Tweet your U.S. Representative. Make sure to use the relevant hashtags #WarOnWolves and #StopExtinction. Here’s a sample tweet (but feel free to craft your own):

.@[your Representative’s Twitter name] please stop the #WarOnWolves and vote #NoOnHR6784. Help us to #StopExtinction and #keepwolvesprotected!