Wolf Patrol Offers Reward to Deer Hunters Witnessing Wolf Poaching

KOHL WOLF 11.18.17

Wolf illegally killed on November 18, 2017 during Wisconsin’s last deer season. Steven Kohl of Manitowoc was charged and is awaiting trial for the incident.


November 15, 2018- On the eve of both a full House of Representatives vote to delist federally protected gray wolves, and the beginning of Wisconsin’s 9-day gun deer season, the activist group, Wolf Patrol is reminding licensed deer hunters that shooting a wolf in the state is a federal crime. They are offering a $1000 cash reward for any information on illegal wolf killings during deer season.

Gray wolves were returned to federal protection in Wisconsin in December 2014, after the state held three managed wolf hunts that resulted in the killing of over 500 wolves. The current estimated population statewide according to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is just under a 1,000 animals, mostly in the northern portion of the state.

“We believe deer season in Wisconsin should be a time for family traditions, not federal crimes.” states Jennifer Garde, a Wolf Patrol member from Friesland, Wisconsin. Since 2014, Wolf Patrol has been monitoring controversial hunting practices that put federally protected wolves at risk, such as the practice of running dogs after bear, which results in over a dozen wolf depredations on hunting dogs each year. When wolves kill or injure hunting dogs, illegal killing of wolves is often promoted by those affected.

“Wolf Patrol is not against hunting, but we are adamantly opposed to deer hunters taking pot shots at wolves in anger or retaliation for dog depredations or the federal government’s unwillingness to return wolves in Wisconsin to state control.” continues Garde, “Gray wolves in Wisconsin help prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease amongst our state’s vital deer population, and some of our own members will be out in the field hunting in wolf territory where they’ve seen some nice bucks. Wolves are a hunter’s friend, not enemy, and their continuing return to Wisconsin will help ensure many successful deer seasons to come.”

The $1000 reward offered by Wolf Patrol is available to anyone who provides credible information on any illegal wolf killing to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources and that results in any individual being charged for killing a wolf. Informants can remain anonymous and can claim multiple rewards.

CONTACT: Jennifer Garde 920-723-2890 or Laura Menefree 920-264-8358




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