Only 5 More Days for Public Comments on Wisconsin’s Bear Hunting Practices…

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is revising its bear management plan and asking for your comments on how to better manage black bears in Wisconsin. Until April 14, 2019 you can send your public comment to:


Twinkies being sold by Wisconsin bear bait supplier in March 2019.

Let WDNR know its time to reign in Wisconsin’s bear hunters, who are allowed to dump food waste for bears beginning in April at as many bear baits as they choose to use. In northern Wisconsin, a black bears diet is 40% comprised of artificial bait according to WDNR.


Chocolate & Xylitol, (both toxic to bears and canines) is allowed in Wisconsin bear bait. 

Its also time to reform the two-month summer bear hound training season which requires no license for residents or non-residents to chase bears from July until the beginning off kill season in September.

The above videos were shared by Wisconsin & Michigan hound hunters on Facebook between 2015-2018 and depict bear hound training practices in Wisconsin. To read the WDNR’s Draft Revised Bear Plan, please visit: