$500 REWARD For Identity of Those Responsible for Illegally Dumping Coyotes in Bayfield County…Again


Another intentional wanton waste of wildlife and illegal dumping of coyote carcasses has occurred in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, site of at least two organized coyote killing contests this past winter. Both the 4th Annual Fur Bang! and PJ’s Cabin Store Coyote Hunt took place in February and March of this year.


April 12, 2019 Facebook photo from Bayfield County Sheriff’s Department.

And while Wolf Patrol is not accusing anyone of the crime, our past investigations reveal that these dumping often occur after coyotes killed during contests have been weighed in and any prizes awarded. To many hunters, its the cash that matters, not the responsible use of an animal killed.


Flyer from coyote killing contest in area where coyotes were dumped.

Less than two weeks ago, two more foxes killed in an unknown predator hunting contest were discovered dumped in Forest County, Wisconsin. And last May, Wolf Patrol documented a huge illegal dump of more than 30 unskinned coyotes in Ashland County, Wisconsin following the winter season of coyote killing contests.



Foxes from winter predator killing contest dumped in Forest County, Wisconsin April 2019.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is investigating the recent dumping of dozens of coyotes off of Highway 2 in Bayfield County, just a few miles from where the coyote dump was discovered last May by Wolf Patrol. The recently discovered coyotes were mostly skinned, although at least two appear to be untouched.

WDNR is looking for any information the public might be able to provide on the illegal dumping, and Wolf Patrol is offering a $500 cash reward for information that leads to the identfication of those responsible for this or any wanton waste of Wisconsin wildlife.

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If you are a Wisconsin resident who is opposed to wildlife killing contests, please contact your elected representatives (legis.wisconsin.gov) to voice your support for the proposed Senate Bill 30 which would ban the dozens of coyote, bobcat, fox and crow killing contests held in Wisconsin each winter.


Coyotes killed in Bayfield County March 9, 2019.