Video Reveals Hunting Hounds Mauling, Hunters Punching & Pistol-Whipping Wounded Mountain Lion

On May 25, 2019, Idaho hound hunter Roy E. Ferebee posted a January 2016 video on Facebook that depicts he and another hunter punching and pistol-whipping a wounded mountain lion as their dogs continue to maul the big game animal. The video was shared in response to another graphic video posted on Facebook, of a hunting dog mauling and killing a raccoon that was placed in its kennel in Florida on May 22, 2019.


Photo shared by Roy E. Ferebee of  hunting dog mauling live coyote in Idaho.

The following screenshots contain admissions from Ferebee that his hunting activities regularly include allowing his dogs to “stretch” (maul, maim & kill) raccoons, badgers, mountain lions and other Idaho wildlife.



This video was discovered by Wolf Patrol’s Cyber-crimes Unit, which trolls Facebook for evidence of wildlife abuse committed by hound hunters and other trophy hunters and has been reported to Idaho Fish & Game authorities, although it is not known whether any of these actions are considered illegal in the state of Idaho. Ironically, legislation recently proposed in Michigan, would specifically targeting Wolf Patrol’s expose of hunting abuses would make it illegal to share hunting videos like this shared on Facebook.


Photo shared on Facebook by Ferebee of hounds mauling lion in above video.

If you would like to call Idaho Fish & Game’s Director, Ed Schriever and politely ask that Ferebee and his associates be investigated and prosecuted if any crimes were committed, here’s his number: (208) 334-3771