A Slideshow of Wolf Patrol’s Monitoring of Wisconsin’s Bear Hound Training Season 2015-2017

(5:00 video set to cheesy music)

Wolf Patrol monitors controversial bear hunting practices in Wisconsin’s national forests like running hounds and operating unregistered bait stations in active wolf caution areas. Since 2015, our citizen monitors have investigated, documented and reported out of compliance bear baits and other violations of hunting regulations.

Only in Wisconsin are hound hunters paid $2,500 when their hounds are killed by wolves defending young pups who’ve recently left their dens. No one knows how many wolves are injured or killed by the thousands of bear hunting hounds that are allowed to trespass federally protected gray wolf territory during the state sanctioned bear hound training season that begins in July.

But we do know there will be more bear hound/wolf fights and deaths. In Wisconsin, dozens of hunting dogs are killed annually with the vast majority of depredations occurring in the summer months when wolves are especially territorial because of their offspring.

That is when Wisconsin’s bear hound training season begins. No license is required and even non-residents can bring their hunting hounds into the state to chase bears all summer long. It is also legal for anyone associated with an actual bear hunter to dump thousands of gallons of oil and food waste on public lands in Wisconsin to attract bears.

Wolf Patrol is asking national forest officials to do something about these out-of-control practices that cause deadly conflicts with wolves and other wildlife. The state’s Department of Natural Resources won’t, so we are asking US Forest officials to reign in these practices on national forest lands.

If you also think Wisconsin’s hound hunters need to be kept in check, please consider joining our kind-of-respectful campaign to end these practices in our Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest!

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