Wisconsin’s Deadly Bear Hound Training Season Has Begun…

Every Summer, thousands of hounds are released across northern Wisconsin to chase bears. The bear hound training season runs until the end of August and is the cause of many deadly conflicts between bear hounds and gray wolves.

Bear hound training and bear baiting go hand in hand, and in Wisconsin, there is no limit to the number of bear baits a hunter can use, no license or registration required. Bear hound training and baiting is the cause for an estimated 18 fights between wolves and hunting hounds, as more and more hounds are allowed to chase bears in Wisconsin.

This video was compiled from bear hound training practices that have already begun on the Mole Lake Indian Reservation, where the practices are legal. Wolf Patrol was first informed of the hunting practices of Justin Garrow after he posted a photo on Facebook in March 2019 of his hunting hounds fighting a coyote, which is illegal.


Animal cruelty shared by Justin Garrow on Facebook, March 28, 2019.

If you agree that bear baiting and hound training in Wisconsin wolf country is a recipe for disaster, please send your comments to Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest officials at: