Nonresident Bear Hunters Running Hounds in Wisconsin Wolf Territory

Wisconsin is the only state in the nation that pays hound hunters $2,500.00 if their dogs are killed by wolves when released during the Summer bear hound training season. This rule includes nonresidents, who flock to Wisconsin every July to teach their young dogs to chase bears in the state that also does not require any kind of license or permit to bait bears or train hounds to chase them.

Last year, nineteen bear hounds were killed or injured during Wisconsin’s bear hound training season, with even more killed during the actual bear hunting season in September and October. Many hound hunters operating during bear hound training season are training young hounds, some only 6-months old. These dogs do not stand a chance in any encounter with territorial wolves who are fiercely protective of their own young pups in Summer months.

Wolf Patrol is against the practice of baiting bears so hunters can chase and later kill them. We are also opposed to bear hound training in known wolf territory. Its time to call on Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest officials to ban these practices in our national forests.

In addition, nonresidents like the hound hunters featured in this video from Tennessee should be required to have a license and register the location of their bear baits so conservation officers can ensure they are compliant with state regulations.

If you agree with Wolf Patrol, please send your email to forest officials at:

RYAN ZUHN 07.02.19

Bear cornered by hounds during Wisconsin’s bear hound training season on July 2, 2019. Photo shared on Facebook by Ryan Zahn