6th Bear Hound Depredation of the Season in Price County Wisconsin

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Depredations of bear hounds regularly occur during Wisconsin’s two-month summer bear hound training season when wolves are especially protective of young pups.

On July 28th USDA Wildlife Services confirmed the 6th fatal wolf depredation of a bear hound since the start of the hound training season on July 1st. The depredation occurred in Price County north of the town of Catawba. The end of July is typically the time when depredations on hounds start to really ramp up. I’m sure this is far from the last depredation we will see during the 2019 training/bear hunting season.

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Wolf visiting bear bait in Forest County WDNR Wolf Caution Area.

To see all bear hound depredations since 2013 ( there are lots!):