Wisconsin Bear Hunter’s Putting Children in Harm’s Way

08.31.19 TK W BEAR

This isn’t bear hunting…it’s child abuse. Tyler Kettlewell putting child at risk on August 31, 2019.

On August 31, the last day of Wisconsin’s two-month bear hound training season, Tyler Kettlewell who’s unethical hunting practices have been exposed by Wolf Patrol this summer, published photos of himself with a young child in front of a bayed bear. Other photos published with the photo show a large black bear bayed by his hounds, which often suffer injuries inflicted by large bears that will not tree when chased.


Shared on Facebook by Tyler Kettlewell 08/31/19

Wisconsin hound hunters like Tyler Kettlewell continue to be seen on Wolf Patrol’s platforms because they continue to practice unethical and illegal hunting practices like allowing hounds to fight with a bear on the ground, which is what Kettlewell has been doing and sharing videos of on Facebook for years. In the past, its been Kettlewell’s hounds that suffer puncture wounds and even death, sometimes by bears, but also in the past by wolves.

08.31.19 TK BAYED BEAR

Black bear bayed by Kettlewell on 08/31/19 north of Glidden, Wisconsin.

Hound hunters like Kettlewell are good examples of why the U.S. Forest Service and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) should require registration for bear baits and bear hounds being trained on national forest lands. So hunters like Kettlewell can be prevented from creating conflicts that cost lives.

08.31.19 TK W KID

Tyler Kettlewell, Ty Ax & child 08/31/19.

It’s not wolves that are creating deadly conflicts in Wisconsin’s national forests, it’s out of control, unregistered and unregulated bear hunters conditioning bears and other wildlife into being fed by humans and running vicious packs of dogs through federally protected gray wolf habitat.

08.31.19 TK BEAR

At any moment this large and tired bear could have charged towards Kettlewell and the child…

Please send US Forest Service & WDNR officials an email today asking that hound hunters like Kettlewell be more closely managed and monitored on our national forest lands where bear hunters are already responsible for 13 bear hound/wolf fights this summer!

Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest officials:


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary:



$2,500 paid to Kettlewell in 2015 for a bear hound killed by wolves.