Coyote, Fox & Bobcat Killing Contests Happening in Many States Right Now

Coyote killing contests in America are growing. As the growth and expansion of coyotes continues, filling an ecological niche left after the eradication of larger native predators in the country, like wolves and cougars, most states in the country allow legal hunting of coyotes year around with no season or bag limit.


Many farmers and landowners invite predator hunters to eliminate local predator populations, believing their lives are better without coyotes. But are they? What about the land? What about the ecological communities that depends on a healthy predator/prey relationship to keep in check rodents and other animals that can negatively affect humans and our American ecosystems?


The wanton waste of wildlife that coyote and other wildlife killing contests encourage is not in line with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation or any ethical sportsperson’s agenda, and it most certainly should not be in line with any state’s wildlife agency, committed to preventing the kind of wanton waste of wildlife common in coyote and other wildlife killing contests.


Don’t get angry, get organized. Contact your state’s wildlife agency and let them know that you do not support the awarding of cash and prizes to those who kill the most of our public trust wildlife. Wildlife killing contests encourage unethical and cruel treatment of coyotes and other wildlife and should not be supported by any ethical hunter or sportsperson.

End Coyote & Wildlife Killing Contests Everywhere!

01.06.20 FOX








The Death of A Grey Fox

Thousands of grey foxes are killed every winter, with hunters using assault rifles with thermal scopes, electronic calls, traps and poison. All perfectly legal and allowed by most state wildlife agencies in the country. The problem is, animals like grey fox actually perform an important function in any healthy ecosystem, controlling and eradicating small rodents that might otherwise damage agricultural crops or spread disease.

This past weekend was no different from any other, for animals like coyotes and grey foxes, who must contend not only with the harsh winter conditions, but also now with humans out for cash and prizes for killing the most members of their species.

This grey fox was caught and killed in a legal trap. We wanted you to see what the trapper wanted his friends on Facebook to see.