195 Coyotes & Foxes Killed in Michigan’s Largest Wildlife Killing Contest

On January 26th, 2020, Michigan’s largest wildlife killing contest, the 7th Annual Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge ended in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The two-day Coyote and fox killing contest awarded over $4,000 in cash and prizes to the top teams in the competition. Over 160 teams competed, with the winning team bringing in 13 coyotes. The second place winners brought in 10 coyotes and 3 foxes.


And to think that predator hunters think they are helping our ecosystems! Let Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission know such thinking isn’t wildlife management, its the wanton waste of wildlife for money and prizes. Kalamazoo, Michigan January 26, 2020.


The above video is comprised of videos shared on Facebook by various contestants participating in this year’s contest. Although 195 coyotes and foxes were registered in this killing contest, that number does not include the wounded animals that were not recovered after being shot at night with the aid of night vision and thermal imaging scopes.


“Runners’ refers to wounded animals that run off to die a painful death and are never recovered.

One contestant, Top Ten Percent Predator Control stated, “Only ended up with 6 coyotes after a few runners, and a few misses…” The term, “runners” refers to animals that are shot but able to run away to later die a slow and agonizing death.


GLRPC Contestant’s “Team Lethal Intent” were winners at this year’s coyote & fox killing contest in Kalamazoo, Michigan on January 26, 2020.

The Great Lakes Regional Predator Challenge is one of over 50 wildlife killing contests taking place in Michigan this winter, and but one of hundreds taking place all across America. While this particular killing contest’s participants only hunted with              high-powered rifles at night, many other contests include the use of hounds which often fight and kill animals in these contests.


Please send an email to Michigan’s Natural Resources Committee and let them know that no state wildlife agency should endorse the awarding of cash and prizes to those who kill the most public trust wildlife.

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One of 195 coyotes killed in this past weekend during the Great Lakes region Predator Challenge in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Three years ago state lawmakers allowed the use of high-powered rifles and night vision to be used to hunt predators at night. Michigan DNR was opposed to the change because of the human safety factor of firing bullets that can travel miles past their target.