California Hunters Guilty of Using Dogs to Fight Coyotes

In what is becoming an ever more common experience, coyote hunters this winter are again guilty of using their dogs to fight and kill coyotes, only this time it’s not in Wisconsin or Michigan, but California. The use of dogs to hunt bears and mountain lions is prohibited, but still legal for coyotes.
This is the unedited first 5 minutes of a 7:24 video published on YouTube by coyote hunters operating out of Santa Barbara County, California. “California Doggers” published the video on December 24, 2019 and in comments section of the video, the dog’s owner references selling and training dogs to attack coyotes like the dogs in this video.
Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 12.13.59 PM

These hunters aren’t ashamed of their dog’s fighting abilities.

Reference is also made to it being legal to use dogs to hunt coyotes, but nowhere in California’s Department of Fish & Wildlife hunting regulations is their an allowance for dog-fighting, nor should there be.
The growing practice of using hunting dogs to chase, bay and fight coyotes takes advantage of the lack of legal protections or oversights on coyote hunting.
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Please contact CDFW’s Director and let them know it’s time to stop the use of dogs to hunt coyotes and the legalized dog-fighting that ensues.

Please visit the following link to send an email:

or call: (916) 455-0411