Wisconsin Bear Hunter’s Poison Campaign Targeting Wolves that Killed Their Hounds

In what can only be described as a two-year illegal poisoning campaign, Wisconsin bear hunters are being blamed for the recent deaths this winter of federally protected wolves, raptors, other wildlife and even two hunting hounds recently in northeastern Wisconsin.


The frontline of Wisconsin bear hunters war with wolves in Forest, Florence and Marinette counties. Bear hunters run hounds in known wolf areas, wolves kill hounds, bear hunters call for illegal killings, bear hunters poison wolves…

All animals have fallen victim to the same deadly fast-acting poison that is hidden in ground meat and distributed for not just wolves, but any animal to find. Poisoned animals have been reported in Forest, Florence and Marinette counties and other poisoning incidents have been reported in Price and Bayfield counties. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service are soliciting the public for any information that might help them catch whoever is responsible.

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March 11, 2020 comments on Facebook private group, “Wisconsin Outdoorsman!”

Ever since wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan were returned to federal protections in December 2014, there have been many public calls for delisting followed by much darker calls for a campaign of illegal killing involving shootings and poison.


Facebook comment by Ty Belland after wolves killed one of his bear hunting hounds in August 2019 not far from where two hunting hounds ate poisoned meat in December 2019.

Less than 3 miles from where two hunting hounds were poisoned in December 2019, near the town of Blackwell, Wisconsin, investigators with Wolf Patrol discovered over half a dozen meat-wrapped treble fishing hooks dangling from fishing line in January 2016, on national forest trails where wolves and other animals were meant to ingest them.

warden investigating baits

Conservation officer investigating illegal baits found less than 3 miles from December 2019 poisoning site where two hunting beagles died.

Wolf Patrol had come to Forest County in 2016, to monitor a coyote and bobcat killing contest organized in Argonne, Wisconsin. Attendees of the event openly bragged to Wolf Patrol’s founder Rod Coronado that any wolf encountered by county residents would be quickly and quietly killed. Since then, in addition to the latest poisoning campaign, other wolves have been shot and dumped in other locations not far from where recent poisoning have occurred.WOLF KILLED DEER COMMENTS



Typical comments following anti-wolf Facebook posting by Wisconsin bear hunter who lives and hunts where poisons were found.

Public calls to kill and poison wolves are not hard to find on many Wisconsin Facebook hunting pages, and often follow social media postings by winter hound hunters who encounter wolves while hunting bobcats and coyotes on mostly national forest lands.


Two dogs poisoned in March 2019 near bear bait in Florence County that was reported to WDNR for being exposed to other animals in September 2018.

Following the public announcement by WDNR & USFWS that two of his hunting hounds had died from the same poison responsible for killing wolves and other wildlife in northern Wisconsin, hound hunter Jim Matuszewski stated on his Facebook page on March 10, 2020 that he could “almost guarantee” he knew who was responsible. In the same comment thread he later said he knew of two bear hunters who were placing poison near the bear bait sites where wolves were seen on hunters’ trail cameras.



The Facebook post on March 11, 2020 by Jim Matuszewski’s whose two hunting beagles were poisoned in December 2019…he failed to tell WDNR investigators about the bear hunters he believes are responsible for the poisoning.

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service should treat these poisonings as serious violations of federal law and request assistance from federal prosecutors who could compel witnesses to testify and to stop protecting those Wisconsin bear hunters responsible for the illegal killing and poisoning of federally protected wildlife.



Facebook post by pet owner who’s two dogs died from poison found in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, next to a reported bear hunter’s bait.

Otherwise, more animals will continue to die as we enter another season of bear hound training and hunting which leads to more wolf conflicts that result in continued poisoning and killing of wolves and other wildlife and pets in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin bear hunters defending the poisoning to victim whose two dogs died in December 2019 and who knows bear hunters are responsible.

If you have any information that might lead to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for illegally poisoning wolves and other animals in Wisconsin, please call 1-800-TIP-WDNR immediately!


Wolf Patrol will ask for authentication of your tip from authorities, then pay $1000. The remaining $4000 will be paid upon criminal conviction of anyone illegally poisoning wildlife in Wisconsin.