Help Wolf Patrol get hound flipping off of Facebook

Thanks once again to Jourdan Carpenter, our new Fan Club President!

The other day Jourdan (in a roundabout way) alerted us to a little known part of Facebook’s community standards code. It turns out that using Facebook to buy, sell or trade hounds (or any animal) by private parties is forbidden. Licensed legitimate organizations like shelters or rescues can use Facebook, but hounders aren’t licensed and they aren’t rescuing anything.

Facebook’s community standards prohibit the sale or trade of animals between private parties.

Wolf Patrol has been infiltrating hounder Facebook groups since our inception. These groups are easy to find and join – just type any combination of the words “Bear hunting”, “hound”, “coyote” and “Wisconsin”(or your state of choice) in the Facebook search engine and the groups will come up on the screen. Most will ask you to answer a couple questions, but many don’t even check the answers and once you are accepted, as long as you don’t comment or react to any posts, you will never be noticed. We are in several of these groups under our own names and if they haven’t noticed us, they probably won’t notice you.

Just one of the private Facebook groups who are violating Facebook’s community standards.

These hounder groups are basically buy/sell groups and they commonly break Facebook’s rules and post dogs for sale, especially this time of year. Since Jourdan clued us in to the fact that selling dogs is forbidden on Facebook, we’ve been reporting every post we see where hounders are trying to sell or buy dogs, including her’s (sorry for the deletion J!).

Hounds In Wisconsin admin alerting followers that her page is the page if you want to sell hounds.

There are a lot of hound pages, but some of the most prolific violators of Facebook’s ban on selling hounds are:

  1. Wisconsin Hound Trader
  2. Wisconsin Hound Hunters
  3. Hounds In WI
  4. WI Coyote Hounds
  5. Big Game Hound Hunters
  6. Hound Hunting
  7. The Hounds Men
  8. Black and Tans of Wisconsin

Reporting violations is just as easy as getting into these groups. The first step is clicking on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the post and the rest is detailed in the circled parts in the photos below.

To begin reporting a post, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post.
Next, click on Find support or report post.
Next, click on “unauthorized sales”.
Next click on what prohibited items they are selling – in this case “other animals”.
The final step is confirming your report of the prohibited sale of animals.

Flipping hounds like hounders commonly do is not only unethical, but PROHIBITED by Facebook. We all know hounders like to bend every law and regulation they can, so let’s put a stop to them violating Facebook’s community standards.

This isn’t “Hey everybody – let’s gang up on this other page”, we are merely holding everybody accountable to Facebook’s community standards, just like hounders do to Wolf Patrol. If we can stop some of the flipping of hounds that goes on, that’s the cherry on top.