Wolf Patrol Wants You to Enter the Lottery for a Wisconsin Wolf Permit & Will Pay If You Don’t Hunt

Wolf Patrol monitors explaining to a member of Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association our constitutional right to film hound training in a Wolf Caution Area.

Wolf Patrol is calling on opponents of Wisconsin’s unlawful wolf hunt to enter the lottery for one of the 2,000 licenses that will be issued on February 22, 2021 to kill a wolf. WDNR will be issuing 4,000 wolf tags, but 2,000 will be awarded to licensed hunters with preference points purchased in years past. The application fee is just $10.00 and if you are drawn for a wolf tag, Wolf Patrol will pay for your license and offer you an all expenses paid tour of Wisconsin’s wolf country during the 7-day hunt!

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources press release announcing February 2021 wolf hunt:


Anyone can enter the lottery for the chance to kill a Wisconsin wolf. Legal hunting methods include shooting, trapping, calling, baiting and the use of hounds. Wisconsin is the only state in the nation that allows wolves to be hunted with dogs. Anyone can enter the lottery. Even if you live in Antarctica and love wolves, you can still enter for a chance to win! Simply visit the “GOWILD” website listed below, create a profile and click on “Buy Permit Applications.” You will be charged $10.00 now and if you are drawn for a permit, you will be asked to buy the license for either $49.00 if you are a Wisconsin resident, or $251 if a nonresident. Wolf Patrol will reimburse all your permit application and license fee if you are a lucky winner!

As many as 4,000 wolf hunters including hound hunters like these, will enter the woods of Wisconsin on February 22nd, 2021.

Unfortunately, thousands of prospective wolf hunters will be awarded a license to kill a gray wolf in Wisconsin. Four thousand to be exact. That means literally thousands of hunters will be combing the Northwoods of Wisconsin over a period of only 7 days, trying to kill one of the allowed 200 wolves before the quota is filled and closes. Because of the sheer number of hunters able to be in the field where they will not know if their hunting zone is closed or not, the quota of 200 wolves is sure to be exceeded as it was for the last Wisconsin’s wolf hunt in 2014.

Once you have purchased your application you will be sent a confirmation email.

The killing of wolves in Wisconsin is no joke. Ever since the federal government relisted wolves as endangered in 2014, individuals have increased illegal killings and even poisonings that have killed far more than wolves. Also, this rushed illegitimate wolf hunt is in violation of treaty obligations with the sovereign nations Wisconsin shares its borders with. It is also a violation of the public’s trust, after we were told in both December 2020 and January 2021 by the Natural Resources Board that there would be no hunt without a new wolf management plan, Wolf Advisory Committee, and process involving the public and all interested stakeholders.

One of the wolves killed with the aid of hounds during Wisconsin’s 2013 wolf hunt.

Left out of the process we were promised, opponents of this quasi-legitimate hunt are left with the hope that the state’s own appeal of the court ordered hunt will prevent the killing of over two hundred gray wolves during breeding season. There is no biological justification for a wolf hunt during breeding season. There has never been a recreational hunt like this in Wisconsin’s few legal hunts. In 2012, 2013 & 2014 the quotas filled before December. This hunt very likely could target a large proportion of pregnant females, killing not just one wolf but many pups as well.

Wolf Patrol was the only organization monitoring Wisconsin’s wolf hunt in 2014, and we will again be witness to this mass slaughter and will be gathering evidence for all lawsuits that are sure to follow. As in years past, Wolf Patrol monitors will be abiding by all local, state and federal laws and exercising our constitutional right to observe the wolf hunt from public roads and lands. In addition, any violations of Wisconsin’s hunting regulations will be documented and reported to WDNR.

Now hurry and visit the link below to enter the lottery to be a part of Wisconsin wolf history! You only have until Saturday February 20th at 11:59PM CT to enter!