Coyotes Suffer Year-Round What Wisconsin Wolves Will Face in One Week

Wolf Patrol took a look into the coyote fur industry to see what becomes of the many animals killed annually in Wisconsin. What we found out was that most of the coyotes killed by hound hunters are in such bad condition that they are almost commercially worthless. Indeed, what we learned was that for this reason, many hunters simply kill coyotes and leave them where they lay.

Comments on the Groenewold Fur & Wool Co. Facebook page December 2020.

This is especially true now in late winter when not only coyotes, but other animals’ fur such as wolves is of little commercial value due to the animals rubbing and the natural yellowing of the fur that occurs when days become longer. For those coyotes caught in traps, at the right time of the year, their pelts can fetch as much as $80.00 in prime condition. Wolf Patrol’s research into the buying practices of Groenewold Fur & Wool Company, which regularly buys coyotes whole and skinned in Wisconsin revealed that the average price paid for a Wisconsin coyote was $20.00.

Coyote & wolf hunting with hounds isn’t hunting. It’s legalized dog-fighting.

Late winter predator hunting in Wisconsin is not about selling fur, it’s about killing as many animals as you can. Only recently has it become legal for this to also befall gray wolves in Wisconsin in the state’s court-ordered hunt on February 22nd, 2021 that will kill at least 200 animals. Remember, every hunting tactic in the above video will be a legal means to kill a wolf in Wisconsin next week.

Wisconsin coyote caught in the same type of foothold trap that will be legal to use on wolves February 22-28, 2021.

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