Wisconsin’s Hound Hunt for Wolves Continues

Today’s monitoring of Wisconsin’s wolf hunt brought Wolf Patrol back to Forest County, where a 12-truck caravan of hound hunters was pursuing a wolf in Wolf Management Zone 2. The quota in this particular zone is 18 wolves, which was reported at 2pm by WDNR. As of 02/23/21 8pm, the quota had been exceeded with 21 wolves reportedly killed.

The vast majority of wolves killed so far have been taken with the use of hounds.

The majority of hound trucks in the hunting party filmed today each had dox boxes capable of carrying up to six hounds. As the wolf is pursued, hound hunters will introduce fresh dogs into the chase until the wolf tires and is bayed and ultimately shot at close range with a small caliber rifle or shotgun.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has announced that the wolf hunt in all zones will be closed by tomorrow 3pm, February 24, 2021. As of this time, 82 wolves of the total state quota of 119 have been reported as legal kills. Wolf Patrol will continue patrolling Zone 2 to ensure that hound hunters, trappers and predator callers do not violate the wolf hunt closure by hunting past 10am.

All wolf hunting is Wisconsin ends at either 10am or 3pm February 24, 2021.