Illegal Wisconsin Wolf Hunter Tyler Belott Tries Covering His Tracks on Facebook

Now that Wolf Patrol has reported convicted poacher Tyler Belott’s wolf hunting activities to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, the Lily, Wisconsin hound hunter has begun removing his posts depicting his participation in Wisconsin’s recent recreational wolf hunt from his Facebook page. All of his removed posts have already been forwarded to authorities by Wolf Patrol so his attempts to hide evidence are simply an admittance of his guilt.

Tyler Belott’s willingness to violate his three-year prohibition from hunting in Wisconsin and post his illegal hunts on his Facebook page is typical for the kind of hound hunters Wolf Patrol monitors. Such hunters openly call for illegal wolf killings and during the 3-day wolf hunt in February 2021, were loud voices encouraging license-carrying wolf hunters to not report their kills on time as the law requires.

Without being held accountable for their actions, illegal wolf hunters like Tyler Belott will brazenly continue their illegal hunting activities which is why Wolf Patrol has decided to publicize his case. In addition, we are providing the incriminating posts Belott removed from his Facebook page on March 11, 2021:

Belott is wearing the brown hoodie and holding the leg of a dead wolf.
Belott on far left.
Belott’s illegal Wyoming lion hunt in 2020.
Belott acknowledging his participation in 2020 lion hunt in Wyoming.
Another illegal bobcat hunt for Belott in January 2021.
Belott’s acknowledgement that he participated in multiple wolf hunts in February 2021 in Zone 4.
Belott acknowledging that his dogs are being used to hunt in 2021.
Some of Belott’s 2020 Wisconsin hound hunts:
Belott’s criminal judgement revoking his hunting privileges in January 2020, just days before his next hunt.

Belott bobcat hunt the same month 01.20.20 he had his hunting privileges revoked.