Wisconsin’s November Wolf Quota Should Subtract Wolves Killed Over Limit in February 2021 Hunt

In response to the blatant disrespect for Wisconsin’s February 2021 gray wolf hunting quota by hound hunters who openly encouraged late reporting and illegal killing, Wolf Patrol is calling on the Natural Resources Board to adjust the November 2021 wolf hunt quota, to reflect the overage in the last hunt which saw 99 wolves killed beyond the quota of 119 animals.

No segment of Wisconsin’s hunting community should encourage the intentional overkilling of a game animal, as was evidenced in the last February wolf hunt. Holding wolf hunters accountable for their intentional violation of Wisconsin’s state-licensed wolf quota by reducing future quotas to account for over quota kills would discourage future delayed reporting as a tactic to extend the wolf hunting season.

In Wisconsin’s February 2021 wolf hunt, a total of 218 wolves were reported killed in less than 72 hours of hunting. Hound hunters were responsible for 188 kills, with the remaining wolves taken with the aid of foothold traps, snares and electronic callers at night. A total of 160 wolves were killed on public lands.

The following is a video compilation of Wolf Patrol’s reports from the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and documentation of illegal wolf hunting practices our crew investigated, documented and reported to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources law enforcement division.