The Resistance to Wolf Extinction in Wisconsin

It’s time to let our supporters know about Wolf Patrol’s plans for the November 2021 wolf hunt in Wisconsin. While there is still some hope that lawsuits being heard in federal court in late October might stop the hunt, it’s our job to expect that the hunt will move forward as planned beginning November 6th. This November’s hunt will be very different, with trappers, predator callers and other gun hunters getting the first shot, with hound hunters having to wait until December 1st, as required by state law.

Some of the comments on social media encouraging delayed reporting of wolf kills during the legal hunt.

It is also with some relief to report that Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (WIDNR) has announced that the wolf kill quota will be 74, not the 300 recommended by the Natural Resources Board. This number reflects the WIDNR’s own recommendation that the quota be 130, following the gross overkill in February and it’s still unknown affect on the state’s wolf population. Wolf Patrol would like to thank WIDNR’s Cole Preston for asserting the WIDNR’s authority to set the wolf quota based on science, rather than the illegitimate direction of the Natural Resources Board, led by Hunter Nation puppet and dentist, Fred Prehn.

Can you tell the difference between Wisconsin’s dog fighters and hound hunters?

There will still be 370 legally licensed hunters allowed to pursue a wolf beginning November 6th, which means Wolf Patrol will also be in state and national forest lands to once again report on any illegal trapping or hunting practices. In the February wolf hunt, our crew discovered illegal traps baited with livestock and a convicted poacher participating in multiple hound hunts for wolves. This Fall we will again be monitoring the wolf hunt in areas with a history of conflict with bear hunters. The regulations for the November wolf hunt have yet to be published, but it is expected that the use of snares as well as foot-hold traps and hunting at night will be allowed.

From WIDNR’s wolf hunting and trapping webpage.

Without the thousands of hound hunters that caused the overkill in February, this fall hunt is expected to last longer than a few days. Because of the quota reduction, there will again be calls on wolf hunters to delay or simply not report their kills as is legally required within 24 hours. If the quota of 74 is not filled by November 20th, when Wisconsin’s firearms deer season begins, there will be a greater chance that the quota would be grossly exceeded by the additional deer hunters in the field during the overlap with wolf season. Any zones still open on December 1st, will be quickly filled by hound hunters who are another interest group with a desire to exceed the state’s quota.

74 wolves can be legally killed in Wisconsin beginning November 6th, 2021.

Wolf Patrol has also been in communication with WIDNR’s Chief Warden for the Northern District of Wisconsin and informed him that again, our crew will be monitoring wolf hunting and trapping practices on public lands this November. While our conversation was about our mutual frustration that convicted poacher and hound hunter Tyler Belott can still legally run his dogs on wolves, he also took the time to tell me that in the seven years he’s seen Wolf Patrol in the field, he’s never had a problem with any of our crew and always appreciated our valuable tips on illegal activity.

Our November patrol’s of the wolf hunt will also be focused on areas where we suspect illegal wolf hunting will be taking place and areas with a history of poisoning. Wisconsin state law allows hound hunters to train their dogs on wolves all year, thereby making illegal wolf hunting more likely because a suspected hunting party could simply claim to be training their dogs and not intending to kill the pursued wolf. Wolf Patrol will be closely monitoring any hound hunting activity during the November wolf hunt.

In addition to patrols, Wolf Patrol is offering a $1,000 reward for any information on illegal wolf hunting or evidence of delayed reporting of kills which we know will happen. If you’re evidence results in a WIDNR warden issuing a citation to any wolf hunter during the November hunt, Wolf Patrol will pay you $1,000 and you can remain anonymous.

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