Wolf Patrol Remains Vigilant Despite Injunction Blocking November 6th Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

Some good news for a change! On October 22, Dane County Circuit Judge Jacob Frost issued a temporary injunction halting the Wisconsin Wolf hunt, which was set to begin Nov. 6. The order comes as part of a lawsuit that a coalition of wildlife advocacy groups filed to stop the hunt and invalidate a state law authorizing annual seasons. The injunction means there will not be a wolf hunt until the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WIDNR) follows the necessary rule making procedures. The judge said the injunction will remain in place until WIDNR implements updated regulations on determining quotas and the number of licenses it issues, and updates its wolf-management plan with new wolf-population goals for the state.

While attorneys for the advocacy groups say this ruling could stop any wolf hunt from happening this year, Wolf Patrol knows there’s still four months in Wisconsin’s legislated wolf hunt (Nov. 6-Feb. 28) and that if the DNR satisfies the judge’s order, a wolf hunt before the end of February 2022 could still be possible. Another late season wolf hunt in Wisconsin such as the one this past February, could do much more damage to Wisconsin’s recovering wolf population than an early season hunt that prohibits the use of hounds.

WIDNR has yet to modify their website or notify potential license holders since the October 22, 2021 Dane County Court ruling.

Last February’s wolf hunt was a disaster orchestrated by the still seated rogue Natural Resources Board, which it is now known was influenced heavily by the Kansas-based lobbyist, Hunter Nation. Together they forced WIDNR to implement a wolf hunt on very short notice and Wolf Patrol believes these forces again will be pushing back hard for another such wolf hunt this winter. 

Wolf Patrol is especially on guard for another short notice wolf hunt, because any wolf hunt that begins after November 29th, would again include the use of hounds, thereby making it a certainty that any quota would again be grossly exceeded. State law prohibits hound hunting of wolves until the end of firearms deer season.

During Wisconsin’s late November firearms deer season, many wolves are traditionally killed illegally and this year it is expected many more will be targeted as anti-wolf forces take out their frustrations with the Dane County Court’s ruling. If you or anyone you know is aware of an illegal wolf killing in Wisconsin, Wolf Patrol will pay $1,000 for information leading to charges being filed. You can remain anonymous. This reward program is separate from our standing $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the two-year wolf poisoning campaign in northern Wisconsin.