Action Needed Now to Protest Upcoming Great Lakes Predator Challenge Killing Contest

Video from the 2020 Great Lakes Predator Challenge

Every winter across Michigan, Wisconsin and dozens of other states, contests are held with cash and prizes awarded to the teams that kill the most coyotes, foxes and other wildlife. These wildlife killing contests are perfectly legal, even though they encourage the wanton waste of wildlife, not to mention the targeting and cruel eradication of native predators not responsible for any predations on livestock or other domestic animals.

2020 Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Coyote killing contests target all coyotes, not just those accused of conflicts with farmers and other human activities. With the incentive to kill as many predators as possible, wildlife killing contests such as the Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge disrupt the balance of a healthy ecosystem. Wildlife killing contests actual increase the likelihood of livestock predation by killing of coyotes and foxes that are currently posing no threat at all to humans. Such contests actually trigger animals like coyotes leading to larger litter sizes to fill the empty niches left behind after the senseless removal of native predators.

Losers, not winners in the 2022 Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge.

Make no mistake, whether in Wisconsin, Michigan or any of the other dozens of states that allow coyote killing contests, these competitions are simply bloodsports that reward killers for their wanton waste of wildlife with cash and prizes. No ethical citizen or hunter should support the killing of public trust wildlife for fun and money.

January 17, 2022: Coyote killed for fun and prizes at the Predator Games contest in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Wolf Patrol is calling on everyone, not only Michigan citizens to join in the call for the sponsors of the Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge to pull their support or face a boycott of their Kalamazoo businesses. We are also asking concerned citizens to write, call or email Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission and ask that wildlife killing contests be ended because they area disruption to the balance of our environment and a wanton waste of wildlife.

Ask Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission to end wildlife killing contests today!

Phone: 517-599-1067

Another Michigan wildlife killing contest in 2020.

      January 20, 2022 Kalamazoo Animal Advocates Press Release-

Animal Advocates Call For Wildlife Killing Challenge To Be Cancelled

      Kalamazoo Animal Advocates (KAA) is calling for Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge host, D & R Sports Center, Inc., Kalamazoo, to cancel its 8th annual event now and forever. It is scheduled for Friday, January 28-Sunday, the 30th. Steensma Lawn and Power Equipment, a co-sponsor, is also being called on to pull its sponsorship. 

      In addition, KAA is calling for a Boycott of these businesses until they are no longer sponsors. “This trophy hunt of our wild native animals is intended to kill animals across the state of Michigan in exchange for cash and prizes. It will be a massacre just like in 2020 when 195 foxes and coyotes were killed,” states KAA. Prizes will be awarded based on the team who kills the most animals. This is one of many Wildlife Killing Contests in Michigan.

     In June, 2021, Kalamazoo County passed a Proclamation in opposition to wildlife killing contests and forwarded it to State policy makers asking for a ban. It says in part that carnivores such as coyotes, foxes and bobcats, are an integral part of Michigan’s ecosystem and play a critical role in maintaining biodiversity. These contests serve no legitimate wildlife management purpose and children are encouraged to participate.

     “This contest promotes the wanton destruction of life for money and teaches children the same, while it directly ignores the Proclamation that local citizens worked hard to pass with commissioners who spent considerable time in discussion,” states KAA. 

     There is a state-wide movement among animal advocates to ban these contests. The Anishinaabek Caucus, as part of their work to promote the interests and concerns of the Anishinaabek people, affirms that:

“among tribal people committed to the continued renaissance of our traditional cultural and spiritual teachings, there is a deep sense of kinship with these animals. The key role predators have in the balance of functional ecosystems deserves respect, and their devotion to pack and family reflects our own.  Whether we treat them with callousness or with love is a measure of our own humanity.”

January 17, 2022: Predator Games killing contest in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


8th Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge starting in Kalamazoo, Fri. Jan. 28-Sun. 30

WHEN to call: Fri., 1/21 – Friday, 1/28, 10AM-4PM

WHO to CALL: 1. D&R Sports Center, Kalamazoo, event host: 269-372-2277 -Ask for a manager or owner. -Politely say that you strongly oppose their ongoing involvement and sponsorship of this horrific wildlife killing contest. Ask them to cancel this Challenge now and forever. Say that you support the Boycott of their business. (Add in your own polite reasons/comments you oppose).

2. Steensma Lawn and Power Equipment, Kalamazoo, co-sponsor 269-375-6476 -Ask for a manager or owner. -Politely say that you strongly oppose their sponsorship of the Challenge. Ask them to pull their sponsorship now and forever; plus, say that you support the Boycott of their business. (Add in your own reasons and comments please).

Background info: This trophy hunt massacre of our beautiful wild animals will happen far and wide in MI. Cash prizes are awarded based on who kills the most animals. In 2020, 195 coyotes and foxes were killed. It is the 8th Annual and back after 2021 in full force. It is one of several of these event types in MI, including one in Galesburg. -It directly ignores the June, 2021 non-binding Kalamazoo County Proclamation strongly opposing hunts like this that activists worked hard to get passed.