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Still HowlingWolf Patrol is a 100% volunteer-run organization working out in the field across the U.S. to document and report on wolf hunts. We believe it is far too early in Gray Wolf restoration efforts to be removing them from the federal endangered species list, but this is what these important predators are currently facing.

We want to show the world what happens during wolf hunts, including those run by large outfitters, during trapping seasons, and hunts conducted with the aid of hounds. We have already documented and reported on illegal wolf hunting activities in Montana, Minnesota and Wisconsin this past year, and plan to expand our efforts as more states seek to gain control of wolf population management, and bypass the endangered species listing.

To help raise funds for our ongoing work, we are holding an online fundraising art exhibition, starting March 9, 2015. This was the same date, back in 1978, that the Gray Wolf was federally listed as an endangered species in the U.S.

The exhibition will be held online at, from March 9 – 31, 2015.

Please help us promote what is set to be an incredibly inspiring exhibit, and important fundraiser for Wolf Patrol’s work in the field.

For the wolves!

– The Wolf Patrol team


“We have doomed the wolf not for what it is, but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be –the mythologized epitome of a savage ruthless killer – which is, in reality, no more than a reflected image of ourself.”
– Farley Mowat

One thought on “Art Exhibit

  1. I am defintely in. Thank you so much for the important work you do.
    I will donate some oiginal hand-pulled prints. I understand the deadline is Feb 28, correct?

    Please check out Pipelines and Borderlines facebook page or my website to see some examples of different kinds of prints made by several artists.


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