New Wolf Patrol ‘Wildlife Crimes Division’ t-shirt

frontOnly until June 28 can you buy the new Wolf Patrol t-shirt through our Teespring campaign. Buy now! Wolf Patrol campaign crew will be wearing these t-shirts with our new logo in the field this year. You can show your support & solidarity by wearing one and helping us raise funds for our upcoming work in the field. We will have stickers available soon too!


New run of Wolf Patrol t-shirts

You are in luck if missed out on our last run of Wolf Patrol t-shirts! We have just re-launched our t-shirt campaign, but with new t-shirt styles and colors available. They will only be available for the next week though! Help us raise some funds for printing a new outreach brochure and get your t-shirt here now:


“Still Howling – Art for the Wolves” online exhibit

stillhowlingbannerVIEW THE EXHIBIT

Founded in 2014, Wolf Patrol has been breaking new ground in the wolf advocacy movement with in-the-field citizen monitoring and reporting on state sanctioned and illegal wolf hunts in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Montana. We have also been traveling the country training community members in Wolf Patrol methods and encouraging the establishment of citizen monitoring programs wherever wolves are facing threats.

Wolf Patrol is hosting the ‘Still Howling’ online art exhibit – launched on March 9 the anniversary of the federal listing of gray wolves as an endangered species in 1978 – to celebrate the return of Gray Wolves from the brink of extinction in the United States. Artworks have been donated by generous and talented wolf advocates, with funds raised contributed to Wolf Patrol’s on-going work.

Celebrate the return of this incredibly important and dynamic predator to their natural ecosystems with us! Enjoy and be moved by a stunning series of artworks inspired by admiration and respect for Gray Wolves. View the entire exhibit online at between March 9-31st.

Artists include: Scott A Block, Chris Cooper, Tasha D, Ned Gannon, Leah Girardo, Jordan Henry, Beverly Keys, Ali Cat Leeds, James Morren, Tracey Nicita, Marisa Pushee, Jessica Speyer, Emily Swedberg, Chris Tonner, Michelle Waters, Buddy Whisler and Fulvia Zambon.


Still Howling Art Exhibit

stillhowlingbannerOn March 9, the anniversary of the federal listing of gray wolves as an endangered species, Wolf Patrol will be launching the first ‘Still Howling’ online art exhibit here on It is set to be an incredibly inspiring exhibit of art focused on celebrating the return of gray wolves from the brink of extinction, the crucial ecological roles they play, the threats they still face, and the resistance to their slaughter.

Please support by sharing this with your friends, join the facebook event page, and remember to check back and enjoy the exhibit next week!

Wolf Patrol: Paws on the Ground presentation dates

pawsonthegroundpostereugActivists with Wolf Patrol will be visiting a few cities next month to conduct presentation & skillshare events. Please keep an eye on our website for details as events are confirmed.

Feb 17th – San Francisco, CA – 425 Bush St, Ste 300. Facebook event page
Feb 18th – Seattle, WA – Pipsqueak, 173 16th Ave. Facebook event page
Feb 21st – Eugene, OR – The Boreal, 7pm. Facebook event page
March 11th – Kalamazoo, MI – Rupert’s Brew House, 6.30pm. Facebook event page

More details to come.

Still Howling: art for the wolves

Still HowlingBetween March 9-31st, here on, we will be running a collaborative art exhibit fundraiser to celebrate the ongoing recovery of Gray Wolves. On March 9, 1978 Gray Wolves were nationally listed as an endangered species. Today we can see a remarkable recovery, with growing wolf populations in areas they haven’t been common in over 70 years, and a greater understanding of the important role wolves play in the health of many ecosystems. But we need to continue to foster the recovery of these crucial predators. Help Wolf Patrol continue our work by supporting this exhibit. Please share our promotional image far and wide, and join our facebook event page. We are still taking expressions of interest for contributing artworks. Please get in touch at if interested.

Event: Wolf Patrol presentation

Wisconsin supporters! Great Lakes Wolf Patrol will be giving a presentation TONIGHT (Oct 21st) at 7.30pm, Ashland at the Northland College Ponzio Student Ctr. in regards to stopping the wolf hunt (Oct. 15th-Feb.28th, 2014). The event is given by the “Great Lakes Wolf Protectors,” featuring local indigenous perspective on the hunt and Ojibwe wolf lore, as well as featured presentation from Wolf Patrol activist Rod Coronado. Donations toward the campaign for camping and documenting supplies, in conjunction with covering gas costs are greatly appreciated, but the event is free!