Wisconsin’s War on Wildlife 006: Hound Hunters Torment Wounded Bear

By now you should know the name Nicholas Valenta. He epitomizes what is wrong with hound hunting in Wisconsin. We hope the DNR has enough evidence to charge him with animal cruelty, but in case they don’t, we will provide more.

It’s not only coyotes that are being tortured by hound hunters. In this video, Nicholas Valenta repeatedly instructs the shooter not to kill the already wounded black bear, so his hounds can get at the poor animal. Valenta can be heard saying, “We’ll get the dogs in, they’ll take care of her…” At the end of the video you can clearly see the wounded bear dragging her hindquarters. This is the kind of “hunting” the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association is successfully legislating in support of.

In a recent letter from WBHA, President Carl Schoettel says Wolf Patrol are “eco-terrorists” but we ask you to be the judge: Are the real eco-terrorists those using packs of bloodthirsty hounds to run down and torture coyotes, bears and other wildlife? Or those documenting the abuse and calling for it to end?

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 6.53.23 PM

From Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association website.

And its not only coyotes, bobcats and bears the WBHA’s members want to kill with their dogs, but wolves as well. Wisconsin is the only state in the nation where it is legal to hunt wolves with hounds when they are not federally protected, as they have been since 2014. In another recent political move, WBHA is calling on legislators to rescind federal protections for wolves in Wisconsin so they can be hunted with hounds again.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 7.37.57 PM

Its time to end Wisconsin’s war on wildlife, also known as hound hunting. If you agree, don’t send us your money, get involved. If a resident of Wisconsin, call your elected officials and share with them the videos we are providing. Write letters to the editor for your local paper, attend the DNR’s April Conservation Congress meetings or grab a camera and find out what is happening on public lands near you. The Wisconsin’s Bear Hunters Association and people like Nicholas Valenta have the NRA and many elected officials on their side, but the wildlife of Wisconsin only has you and me. Its time to act!


Another victim of Valenta’s sadism.

Wisconsin’s War on Wildlife 005: More Coyote Torture from Hound Hunters

Here’s another video by Wisconsin hound hunter Nicholas Valenta. In this video you can hear Valenta encouraging his dogs to maul the coyote, even after he acknowledges that it is still alive. Another hunter then attempts to kill the coyote by clubbing it with a stick, before it is finally killed with a shot. This is one of many videos depicting Valenta’s normal hunting behavior, which is illegal.

VALENTA 2.27.18

Nicholas Valenta Facebook post from February 2018.

While most of Valenta’s videos were filmed 7 or 8 years ago, he continues to hunt coyotes with hounds today. Hunters like Valenta should be charged with animal cruelty and have their hunting privileges suspended for life.


Wisconsin’s War on Wildlife Video 004: Teaching the Children

Here’s another video from Merrill, Wisconsin hound hunter, Nicholas Valenta documenting the cruel practice of coyote hunting with hounds. This video depicts multiple dogs tearing into a wounded coyote, a practice many hound hunters allow as a way to develop bloodlust in hunting dogs. Wolf Patrol is sharing these videos in our effort to educate the public about the inherent cruelty and animal abuse that occurs in Wisconsin on public lands, under the guise of hunting. It is our hope that anyone in violation of Wisconsin’s hunting regulations and animal cruelty laws will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

On March 2, 2018 a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Chief Conservation Officer contacted Wolf Patrol to inform us that a criminal investigation was being launched into the animal abuse we have shared so far this week. We will continue to provide law enforcement officers with more evidence.

3.3.18 UPDATE III.png

Wisconsin hounder encouraging hound to maul live coyote.

On February 26th, five elected Wisconsin legislators called on the DNR to sever its working relationship with Wolf Patrol, citing what they claim to be continued harassment of hunters by Wolf Patrol. Politicians like Adam Jarchow and Tom Tiffany would like videos like these hidden from your view, and that is why they are passing unconstitutional legislation prohibiting citizen’s from documenting Wisconsin’s legal and illegal hunting activities.

3.3.18 UPDATE 4

Yet, in our conversation with DNR’s Chief conservation officer for northern Wisconsin this week, Wolf Patrol was informed that DNR does not support claims by Laona, Wisconsin hound hunters that Wolf Patrol was in violation of any laws when they encountered a coyote hunting party on January 27, 2018, and would not be recommending that charges be brought against us by the Forest County District Attorney.

Wolf Patrol will continue to exercise our constitutionally protected right to expose illegal hunting and animal abuse on public lands, but often we don’t have to go into the field to find it, as many hound hunters are proud of their illegal activities and freely share these videos on social media.

Wisconsin’s War on Wildlife Video 003: More Coyote Hunting with Hounds

Here’s another video depicting the gruesome recreational sport of coyote hunting with hounds in Wisconsin. This video comes from Merrill, Wisconsin hounder Nicholas Valenta, another slob hunter that believes its ok to sick his hunting dogs on a cornered coyote.


Valenta’s Facebook profile picture, note the blood around the coyotes neck indicating mauling by hunting hounds.

Let’s be perfectly clear, allowing your dogs to tear into wildlife like coyotes in Wisconsin is illegal, but it happens often and many hunters recognize that its all a part of the joyous sport called hound hunting. Wolf Patrol has called on the DNR to address the practice, and today we spoke with a DNR conservation officer who said an investigation would be launched into our recent allegations of illegal hunting by Laona, Wisconsin hound hunters who allow their dogs to kill coyotes.


Valenta’s bloodthirsty hounds.

The text accompanying the video posted above on Valenta’s Facebook page states that Valenta first hit this particular coyote with his truck, before he let his dogs torture the poor animal. Valenta can also be heard casually taking a phone call while his prey suffers.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 3.47.56 PM

Valenta confessing to hitting coyote with his truck before setting his dogs on her.

In other publicly available videos on Facebook, Valenta’s hounds can be seen tearing into a coyote for four minutes as a young child watches. The video ends with the child being allowed to kill the suffering coyote.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 3.51.56 PM

Child’s firearm put to the head of coyote after four minutes of mauling by multiple dogs.

This isn’t hunting, its animal cruelty, and if you think Wisconsin hound hunters shouldn’t be protected by elected officials who want to silence Wolf Patrol from exposing their crimes, please call the apologists for animal abusers below and share your displeasure!

Senator Tom Tiffany (608) 266-2509
Representative Mary Felzkowski (608) 266-7694
Representative Adam Jarchow (608) 267-2365
Representative Joel Kleefisch (608) 266-3796
Representative Romaine Quinn (608) 266-2519

Wisconsin’s War on Wildlife Video 002: Coyote Hunting with Hounds

Here’a another video depicting the sick and illegal practice of allowing hunting hounds to kill wildlife. This is illegal, but it happens all the time and is how hounds teach their packs of dogs to be killers. Would you want one of these dogs encountering your children or pets as they hiked through the national forests of Wisconsin and Michigan?

Jerod Gasche selfie

Jarod Gasche is the unethical killer who filmed the above video and posted it on social media without any legal consequences.

Hound hunters in Wisconsin routinely allow their dogs to kill the animals they are chasing, especially when they are training new hunting dogs. Wolf Patrol has received multiple videos depicting hounders allowing dogs to torture and kill wildlife such as coyotes, but little if anything is ever done to prosecute hound hunters. Instead, the Department Of Natural Resources (WDNR) allows coyotes to be killed with hounds year around, without any bag limit.

The above photos are from Travis Britten’s Facebook page and demonstrate how hound hunters brag that they allow their dogs to kill wildlife illegally. Britten was one of the coyote hunters Wolf Patrol encountered outside of Laona, Wisconsin in January 2018, and the evidence we present here today of his illegal activities was part of the basis for our patrol when we encountered him and his large hound hunting party. Britten’s proven record of illegal hunting was probably the reason he didn’t want our cameras to record his next illegal hunting act that day, and probably why they were so determined to illegally detain us.

But instead of investigating Britten for his illegal activities, which he brags about on Facebook, the Forest County Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate Wolf Patrol for allegedly interfering with hunting. Hound hunters in Wisconsin are not only allowed to violate hunting regulations as they see fit, but also intimidate citizens attempting to document their illegal activities on public lands. As long as illegal hunters like Britten are allowed to chase and torture wildlife without legal consequence, Wolf Patrol will remain active in the Laona, Wisconsin area throughout 2018.

Hunting coyotes with dogs is legalized dog fighting and a hugely popular sport in Wisconsin and Michigan. If you believe hunting coyotes with packs of bloodthirsty dogs is fun and should continue without regulation as it happens in Wisconsin, please call the elected officials listed below and tell them you support the systematic torture of wildlife by professional sport killers.


Wisconsin hound hunter Matthew Groshek sharing photos of illegal kills on Facebook.

But if you agree with Wolf Patrol, that the kind of wild animal abuse we expose in the state of Wisconsin needs to be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, let the below apologist for Wisconsin’s hound hunters know how you feel.

Senator Tom Tiffany (608) 266-2509

Representative Mary Felzkowski (608) 266-7694

Representative Adam Jarchow (608) 267-2365

Representative Joel Kleefisch (608) 266-3796

Representative Romaine Quinn (608) 266-2519

Wolf Patrol Launches Video Campaign Exposing Wisconsin’s Wild Animal Abuse

These are the videos Wisconsin’s politicians and trophy hunters are desperately trying to keep Wolf Patrol from sharing with the public. The videos presented here were not filmed by Wolf Patrol, but by the hound hunters themselves and shared on social media. Wolf Patrol will be releasing one such video every day, to illustrate the systematic abuse of wildlife disguised as hunting in Wisconsin.

This is what legalized hunting with dogs looks like in Wisconsin, and if you don’t like it, please share your displeasure by calling the Wisconsin elected officials listed below who are calling for an end to Wolf Patrol’s monitoring of controversial hunting practices in Wisconsin. Let them know you stand with public trust wildlife and disagree with their use of public office to push their pro-trophy hunting agenda.

Senator Tom Tiffany (608) 266-2509

Representative Mary Felzkowski (608) 266-7694

Representative Adam Jarchow (608) 267-2365

Representative Joel Kleefisch (608) 266-3796

Representative Romaine Quinn (608) 266-2519

Here is what these five elected officials are alleging against Wolf Patrol:


“MADISON, Wis. – Today, several state legislators call on environmental terrorist and convicted felon Rod Coronado to be held responsible for his most recent aggressive confrontations with hunters. They released this statement: Rod Coronado has a past riddled with violent and inappropriate behavior. Most notably he admitted to firebombing a research building at Michigan State University in the 1990s – destroying more than three decades of research and causing millions of dollars in damage. He’s been involved in sinking whaling ships, breaking into facilities to impair important research, and was charged with half a dozen Animal Liberation Front attacks. It seems his disruptive path continues.

In 2013, Coronado turned his focus to denying the constitutional rights of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. He has been wreaking havoc in the Midwest ever since. The group Coronado leads, Wolf Patrol, has spent their time harassing individuals across northern Wisconsin exercising their constitutional right to hunt. A former member of the group has publicly claimed Coronado sexually assaulted her. We, as a legislature, stood with sportsmen across Wisconsin in condemning these types of aggressions by passing the Right to Hunt Act. Despite that fact, the Wolf Patrol has continued to disrupt legal hunting and agitate hunters. In late January, near Laona, Coronado and his crew once again had an aggressive confrontation with hunters.

It’s unfortunate that Coronado – and groups like HSUS who have an alleged culture of sexual harassment – purport to care so deeply about animal life but seem to disregard human life. We hope that Coronado and all involved in disrupting legal hunting are held responsible for their actions and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are calling on the DNR to not allow Coronado to participate in the winter wolf tracking and summer wolf howling surveys as part of the wolf tracking program. We also call on members of the environmental community to follow the lead of Wolves of Douglas County in denouncing Coronado and his actions. Let the repudiation of Mr. Coronado bind us as a community that will no longer allow the systematic abuse of human life.”

Wolf Patrol accepts full responsibility for our actions and welcomes the opportunity to address our citizen monitoring campaign on public lands in Wisconsin. But after four years operating in the state of Wisconsin, we have yet to be cited for violating any law, yet the hunters we monitor are frequently found in violation of Wisconsin liberal hunting regulations. If Wisconsin’s elected officials want to legislate away the rights promised to us by the Constitution of the United States in order to protect systematic animal abuse, then we welcome our day in court.

Pro-Gun Politicians Take Aim at Wolf Patrol for Continuing to Expose Wisconsin Hunting Abuses

On February 26, 2018, five pro-hunting Wisconsin politicians called on the state’s Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to disallow Wolf Patrol’s founder, Rod Coronado from participating as a volunteer tracker for the DNR’s Large Carnivore Survey. In a letter sponsored by the same trophy hunting supporting legislators who want to snare, trap, shoot and hound wolves in Wisconsin, the letter alleges that since 2014 Wolf Patrol’s founder has harassed hunters and sexually assaulted a former crew member.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.38.12 AM

Wolf Patrol’s response is simple. Harassing hunters and sexually assaulting people in our society is illegal, and if Wolf Patrol or its members have done either, then why haven’t we ever been charged with such crimes? Wisconsin’s hound hunters continue to imply that myself or other Wisconsin citizen’s in my organization are engaging in illegal activity by peacefully monitoring hunting activities on public lands, which is slanderous and creates an environment where hunters feel entitled to intimidate and physically assault those exercising their constitutional rights.

In 2015, Wisconsin state legislators were told by members of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association that The Right to Hunt Act (RHA) was needed to address the harassment Wolf Patrol was committing against hunters in the state. This April it will be two years since the laws passage without it ever being enforced against Wolf Patrol or any other citizen monitoring hunting activities. Despite the unconstitutional RHA, Wolf Patrol has continued its work monitoring controversial hunting activities that put federally protected wildlife at risk. Since 2015, Wolf Patrol and its founder Rod Coronado have worked with state and federal law enforcement officers, reporting illegal hunting practices discovered in northern Wisconsin, without ever being charged with violating any crime or being told by law enforcement that any of our actions were illegal.

Wolf Patrol will stand by our actions. I am also personally willing to defend and be held legally accountable for my behavior on public lands, but what we as an organization want to know is whether Wisconsin’s politicians like Tom Tiffany, Adam Jarchow and Joel Kleefisch believe hunters should also be held accountable for the very real harassment, torture and killing of wildlife that Wisconsin’s politicians call hunting and want hidden from public view?


That is our crime, to reveal the truth of how wild animals are treated on our public lands in Wisconsin. The above video was filmed during Wisconsin’s 2017-18 bobcat season and was shared by Ryan Roth of Park Falls, Wisconsin. These and other videos Wolf Patrol has shared over recent years show the kind of animal abuse that Wolf Patrol has been exposing in Wisconsin. This is what politicians in the back pocket of Wisconsin’s trophy hunters and the NRA don’t want you to see, and that is why they are trying so hard to criminalize Wolf Patrol’s exposing of the truth.

Wolf Patrol has also been informed that Wisconsin’s pro-gun and hunting lobby have lobbied the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to investigate Wolf Patrol and Rod Coronado’s activities in Wisconsin and the lead author of the Right to Hunt Act, state representative Adam Jarchow is helping spread misinformation that implies that Wolf Patrol has violated the law.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.13.56 PM

What is especially interesting to note in the call on the DNR to exclude Wolf Patrol from its annual wolf survey, is that those politicians making that call are also pushing legislation that would literally end the DNR’s Large Carnivore Survey. Assembly Bill 712/Senate Bill 602 if passed, would cut all funding for any DNR’s wolf-related work.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.22.38 PM

Efforts by Wisconsin’s politicians to limit the ability of any citizen to exercise their constitutional rights to oppose controversial practices on public lands should be condemned, especially when it is done under the guise of protecting the rights of animal abusers disguised as hunters. Representative Adam Jarchow has proudly served trophy hunters by passing legislation that is so unconstitutional that no county prosecutor in Wolf Patrol’s field of operation in Wisconsin will charge our members with it.


Adam Jarchow Celebrating Easter with his AR-15 and commercially available explosives…(as the Prince of Peace would want it.)

Representative Joel Kleefisch’s attempt to legitimize other politicians calls for action against Wolf Patrol by joining in the witch hunt is simply laughable in light of his list of hunting violations that he has been prosecuted for in the past. Kleefisch has repeatedly been cited and warned by DNR conservation officers for exceeding his limit on turkeys and geese, and personally chaired the committee arguing that Wisconsin’s conservation officers be limited in the work they can do to prosecute wolf poaching cases. The five Wisconsin politicians calling for action now would like to see Wolf Patrol members criminalized for exposing not only the illegal hunting practices of their own trophy hunting constituents, but their own illegal activities as well.


Rep. Joel Kleefisch bein creepy.

Wolf Patrol remains committed to continuing its campaign of citizen monitoring of controversial hunting practices that put federally protected wildlife at risk and will continue throughout the coming days and weeks to participate in the WDNR’s Large Carnivore Survey in northern Wisconsin.

“Representative Joel Kleefisch No Phony Hunter, He’s Got The Citations to Prove It”: