Ali Cat Leeds – Embers

Title: Embers
Artist: Ali Cat Leeds
Medium: Lino-cut on reclaimed paper
Dimensions: 7″ x 10″
Price: $25 (includes shipping within the U.S)
SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the artist being on an artist-residence overseas, artworks will be shipped in May.
Artist statement: This print was created for Evergreen Refuge: an ambient, folk-metal music project out of the woods of Colorado. “Seeking wildness and solitude in a self-destructive world” is the thesis of this project. Their stated intentions were written as the following:
“As a human animal trapped in the construct of civilization, I yearn for a return to our wildness. Wildness is at the core of the human animal’s spirit, though modernity has strayed us away from it”
I was inspired by their words and their music to create this print. The image is of a mother whose head is the skull of a wolf, who is shown nursing a wolf pup, one of her own, and a fawn. The connection between predators and prey is a strong one. They keep each other healthy by balancing their needs, reach and impact on the eco-system. Predators do not kill simply to destroy. This mother is caring for multiple offspring and is taking refuge in the trees, behind a wall of cat tails. She is keeping her children safe as a bull dozer is engulfed in flames at the end of a clear cut. Too close to her home, to her children, to the forest that protects her, the machine is reduced to embers.

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