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  1. So good to hear on NPR your work documenting those hunting bears with dogs in Wisconsin. I have a cabin in the Chequamegon Nicollet National Forest and two summers ago had a lifelong bear hunter dismantle the gate on my driveway to get onto my property to alledgedly find his dogs. He teaches children to hunt bears someplace near Cable WI. Over the course of 15 years, I found nothing among the bear hunting community that spoke well for their behavior. Additionally, the local hunting law enforcement representative said that they are the most belligerent hunters with whom they must deal. Contact former state rep Frank Boyle for further support. I now live in WA but visit my cabin annually…just fyi. Thank you so much for your work. Also, fyi, I worked side-by-side with the Timber Wolf Alliance at northland college when I worked there as US Coordinator of Binational Forum. Am gratified that there is a “hold” on hunting wolves in WI.


  2. God Bless for all you do to protect the wolf & other Nature’s animals. I use to live up North with the wolf & they came close to me on many occasions. We lived in unison & I shall forever remember them & how they touched my life in so many memorable ways. I miss them but will continue to fight for all animals,those who have no voice. I’m so very appreciative that there are people like you who care,who see them other than to be terminated.If they can’t survive then it’s a matter of time,that we won’t either. Mother Nature must balance her own,her children need to be left to balance themselves. Keep up the wonderful work you all do,being on the front lines where I am unable to do.


  3. Dear wolf patrol I am sending this in thanks for all the good work you do in protecting the animals of your country. I had a video sent via Facebook called ‘a bullet for every coyote’ I know it was dated 10 June only received 30th June, it was /is horrific to say the least, if this was downloaded by said person with evidence of animal cruelty has he not been arrested yet ,if not why? I so wanted to post my disgust at this vile act but was unable to due to technical issues, anyway please let me get my hands on the bastard! I don’t know how these people sleep at night, I can’t, and seeing footage like this preys on my mind and makes me have sleepless nights. Thank you again x

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