Wolves in North America

Rod Coronado’s presentation at the Resistance Ecology Conference (2014) about wolf preservation and restoration in North America.

More coming soon.

5 thoughts on “Wolves in North America

  1. Not so very long ago in the memory of the land (Even I’ve seen the scratches up in Shield country and walked the moraines in Western mountains, far from glaciers), the wolves of Canada were the wolves of the area that is the lower 48.

    Just like humans, they changed little in size & shape (except for the Mexican Wolves, who like Rod, may have at times fund space between meals, so they’re smaller). Wolves were once known as far south as Queretaro, about the level of Puerto Vallarta. Some probably strolled south of that, enjoying a community extending from high arctic, and from Ireland East to Newfoundland.

    They washed North and South like the ice-tides, and let no one say they are not entirely native.

    After watching videos on the smelliness of bait for traps I was stimulated to mention that we ourselves emit some smelly materials, able to test that attraction theory on one another, and find our differences from other animals – bet you’ll wash up afterward.
    Should you like to play challenging games, some well-aged human urine in squirt bottles can help mark your presence on others. I bet wolves, for instance, wouldn’t really like it so much, either. Who knows, you might even see a one wrinkle up his nose.
    Such a game can be played in the beautiful surroundings of Idaho between November 15 and the end of March, along any trail, and if you like warmer times, July through June is nice. See http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/public/docs/rules/bgWolf.pdf for some beautiful places to play.


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